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Rule change ends 125 years of cricket history

Hoggshire league side Plague Moor are changing a club rule that has stood for over 125 years.

Since forming in 1886 the cricket club has only allowed players born within the ancient boundaries of Plague Moor to appear for the team. However, a long-term fall in the birth rate in the area has meant that the availability of players has been significantly reduced.

Plague Moor Chairman Ted Jesney said: "There have only been 14 people born in the area since 1900 and 13 of them are dead. That means our ability to recruit new players is rather compromised."

The club's committee has proposed that the catchment area is extended by a further 10 miles in each direction. This will allow the club to sign potential players from areas such as Gout Park, Fallow Fields and Dysentery Lodge, as well as the zoo, HMP Hoggshire and the Coconut Museum.

However, not everybody is happy with this proposal. Secretary of Plague Moor Supporters Association Cec Podd said: "this rule change would immediately consign 125 years of history to the rubbish bin. It's a rule that we are very proud of and we have no wish to see it changed. Yes, it's true that our last wicketkeeper died in 1964 but I'd rather we continue with him in his embalmed state than bring in some chancer from Gout Park."