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Terry Stupid

"Kiss me Yardy!" - Hoggshire punter stands to win over two million pounds on cricket bet

With just one bet on his accumulator to go, Hoggshire chef Terry Stupid is hoping England batsman Michael Yardy will make his dreams come true.

A Hoggshire man stands to win over 2 and a half million pounds for a one pound stake if the final leg of his accumulator bet is successful.

England's Michael Yardy playing his trademark forward defensive.

47-year-old Terry Stupid of Rillington Place has already seen the first four bets in his 5 bet accumulator come good – and now just needs Michael Yardy to be the highest run scorer in the World Cup to win him the jackpot at combined odds of 2,612,872 - 1.

The married father of two correctly identified that England would win the Ashes 3-1, that Alastair Cook would be top batsman, Australia would win the one-day series 6-1 and then secured a nail-biting few weeks after correctly predicting that aliens would land in Hoggshire by Easter. Now, his bet depends on Sussex all-rounder Yardy piling on the runs.

"I knew that I was in for a big payout as soon as that spaceship landed at Horse Field," said Stupid. "I'm normally pretty confident about my cricket bets. I can't wait to see Michael Yardy cracking the bowling all round the park. I'm not counting my chickens just yet but the bloke is a big scorer in the county game so he will fill his boots against the likes of Ireland and Bangladesh."

The unexpected February 2011 alien landing in Horse Field brought up leg 4 of the bet.

Bookmakers Hogg Bet are hoping that Yardy gets pipped for the top run maker prize. Manager Graham Bums said; "We are a small company and it will be difficult for us to continue trading after paying out on this bet. My staff are already making other employment plans. Obviously we will be happy for our customer, and we will honour the bet but part of me is hoping that Mr. Yardy picks up an injury or two."

Terry is confident that the money wont change him: "Yes, I’ll probably buy a few things – the kids have always wanted a giraffe – but I don't plan on giving up the day job just yet. You never know – I might even buy Michael Yardy a drink if I ever bump into him."