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Cricket's Ten Most Wanted Cricket + 1

The Cricket Crimes Team work tirelessly to apprehend crooks and con-men all over the country.

It's a long and thankless task - but you can help.

Take a close look at these 11 faces - they are Britain's most wanted cricket criminals, and you can be the one who finally puts them behind bars.

Ten Most Wanted Cricket Criminals

1. Arthur 'Rabbit' Bundrick, 56

Bundrick, a hopeless tail-ender, is wanted by Police in connection with systematically grooming tea-ladies over the Internet.

He poses as a thirsty teenage cricketer and scours chat rooms for middle-aged ladies with access to scones.

Bundrick would then arrange to meet his victims at a local branch of Greggs and force them to buy cream cakes before rubbing his nadgers on a pastie and legging it.

2. John 'Stonewall' Jackson, 37

The public are strongly advised not to approach notorious slow-scoring batsman Jackson.

Apart from his dull, shot-free style of play, Jackson is an expert pickpocket and has been stealing from umpire's coats for years.

When Police raided his home they found over 1,000 light meters, 100 styptic pencils and countless packets of Werthers Originals.

Jackson would distract the umpire whilst at the non-strikers end by pretending to have something in his eye.

When the umpire helpfully offered to assist, Jackson would skillfully remove the umpire's personal effects from his pocket and place them in his pads to be sold later on Ebay, Albion Market or swapped for segs.

3. Dickie Funn, 58

Funn - self styled 'England's No. 1 Cricket Entertainer' - left an audience at Scarborough's Winter Gardens fuming after his one-man show Ironing My Whites - an evening (geddit?) with Dickie Funn turned out to be ten pounds down the toilet.

Paying customers turned on Funn after his collection of poor jokes and even worse impressions had led to booing and slow hand-clapping from the elderly audience.

Audience members demanded their money back but were told by a hastily fleeing Funn that no refunds were possible because he owed the money to a hedgehog sanctuary.

Funn is wanted by police in 16 other counties for similar offences.

4. Mark Horse, 27

In 2007 Horse managed to persuade Surrey CC to award him a benefit season despite never having played for the county.

The year-long series of fund-raising events raised tax-free thousands for the unemployed layabout from Kennington.

Skipper Mark Butcher said "I thought he'd played a couple of games for us but apparently not."

Bouyed by his success at Surrey, Horse contacted Kent and suggested they named a stand after him.

It nearly worked - until a sharp-eyed supporter recognised him from his benefit year Golf Day and raised the alarm.

5. Billy Innit, 42

Trouble-maker Innit is the self-proclaimed leader of the brutal 'C-Axe' gang of Middlesex fans, who have brought trouble to games all over the country since the early '80s.

Innit is believed to be the 'top dog' or 'Angus' of the most feared set of supporters on the county circuit.

For years the 'C-Axe' hardcore have fought running battles with the likes of Surrey's 'Brown Cap Crew' and Yorkshire's 'Ripper Squad'.

Innit has regularly denied that he runs 'C-Axe' - stating in a 2006 interview that he only "takes the minutes and organises the tea fund."

However, Police believe that shaven-haired Innit has more than Typhoo on his mind.

6. Derek Yack, 58

Groundsman Derek Yack used his charm and knowledge of top soil to trick vulnerable women out of their life savings.

Yack joined internet dating sites to arrange meetings with lonely widows and then persuaded them to part with large sums of cash.

One woman in Swindon gave him £8,000 for a brand new heavy roller, whilst a 70-year-old ex-nun in Darlington was persuaded to single-handedly pay for the entire relaying of a pitch in Essex.

Yack financially abused countless women to fund his extravagant lifestyle and fondness for expensive sterilised loams.

7. Michael Yardie

Sussex-based 'bits and pieces' cricketer and gun-toting Jamaican criminal, Yardie combines crack-cocaine dealing with flat left arm spin.

8. Bennett Swimm, 44

Armed robber Swimm targets the cricket shops in county grounds because of their lax security and the availabilty of over-priced shortbread.

He began his career in crime by robbing the club shop at Northampton's County Ground in 2003 and followed it with further raids in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Essex and Somerset.

In 2009, in his most audacious heist yet, he burst into the Lord's shop and cleared out the entire stock of the official Lord's Biscuit Variety Selection in front of terrified customers.

Police believe he will strike again, if he can be bothered.

9. Unknown men, 25-35

This unknown man and an accomplice visit cricket grounds claiming to be ECB Pitch Inspectors.

Once inside, the man (pictured) distracts staff by telling them he's going to deduct ten points for preparing a dangerous wicket, whilst his partner-in-crime steals wallets, scorecards and cat-nip before the pair make off on Shetland ponies with a flurry of V-signs.

10. Unknown ghost, 200-400 approx.

This cricket hating-ghost has popped up at various English cricket grounds on a regular basis since 1878.

She will typically come out around the close of play and sneak up behind unsuspecting umpires and tea-ladies with a characteristic 'wooooooo' sound.

She is described as thin, see-through and wearing a long white smock.

She is suspected of watching cricket without paying and not notifying the authorities that she is dead.

11. Tuppence Molloy

AKA The Black Widow.

Molloy uses her feminine charms to marry retiring county cricketers so that she can help herself to their benefit money and advertise her disco lighting hire business in their benefit brochures free of charge.

Once she has pocketed the cash she moves on to her next victim.

Previous 'husbands' include Colin Dredge, Adam Hollioake, Mark Ramprakash and former Hoggshire league professional Jezzard Plugg.

Plugg said: "I only earned about 70 quid from my benefit and that evil witch took the lot. As soon as the hat had gone round the ground she dragged me off to Hoggshire Registry Office and before I knew it I was drinking a funny tasting cup of Horlicks and filling out life insurance forms."