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Cricket official couldn't stop freak accident

A Hoggshire League cricket official has defended his decision to leave his wife in a dangerous situation.

Raymond Fishlark, 57, an assistant scoreboard attendant at Plague Moor Cricket Ground says there was nothing he could do to help his chain-smoking wife Cherry Fishlark, 23, who was stuck in a tree 15 feet above the ground.

"By the time I returned with a ladder the tree was on fire," Fishlark explains. "She had been using a bird's nest for an ashtray and failed to stub her fag out properly. It was too dangerous to go up and I couldn't douse the flames due to the hosepipe ban.

Free-wheeling groundsman Derek Yack (right) cheers Fishlark up with a lift home at the close of play.

"The only thing I could do was make her comfortable so I threw her a packet of Superking menthols to cool things down a bit. Then I left her to it as it was a match morning and there seemed little point in letting everyone down."

Plague Moor have been quick to defend Fishlark who has become very popular with members since joining the staff at the Cemetery Ground on secondment from the Hoggshire Fire Service.

"A lot of people seem to think he should have used the fire-engine parked in his driveway but I don't go along with that," argued Plague Moor Chairman Sir Christopher Hogg.

"It's a bit like saying an off duty pro-abortion campaigner should start a petition every time they see a pregnant woman."