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Alastair Cook poses with the vicious Chinese Water Deer he has courageously felled.

Alastair Cook: "I'm the daddy now"

Ashes hero Alastair Cook is fed-up of his nice guy image. But as these new photos show: the choir boy has grown up, and small mammals better beware.

Newly crowned Ashes hero Alastair Cook is in no mood for compromise.

Despite his record-breaking run of scores in Australia, the baby faced Essex batsman feels that some people had been secretly questioning his strength of character.

Not any more, they won't.

Cook proudly poses with a Chinese Water Deer that he had shot with a gun. A real gun. It's dead and Cook is the one who killed it.

"Take that!" A pumped-up Cook celebrates another Ashes ton by pretending to punch an antelope in the face.

"Some people used to think that I am a bit 'soft' or a walk-over, just because I went to a posh school and sung in the choir. There were those who suggested I might be a bit boring. They must be eating their words now. I have got news for them. No-one disrespects Alastair Cook any more."

The Chinese Water Deer can grow to nearly two feet in height. It was introduced to the UK just over 100 years ago. They are not even British. They have been going round ever since asking for trouble. Well, now they have found it.

The beast found to its cost what a hard–nosed sportsman Cook has become.

"Look out ewe!" Cook and his girlfriend warn the local sheep not to underestimate him ... or else.

"It was in the wrong place at the wrong time" laughed Cook. "I felt like killing something and it just appeared from nowhere. I was in the mood and nothing was going to stop me. I thought about killing it with my bare hands but I didn't want to risk getting an injury so near to the World Cup so I blasted it in the gut instead ... with my gun. Tough luck Bambi," chuckled the test opener.

After having his photo taken with the bloodied tiny deer Cook put the freshly dead animal in his pocket and dumped it by the roadside.

"There is no place for weakness, either in cricket or the animal kingdom. The deer hadn't prepared itself for a a fight and it paid the price," added the England captain in waiting. "I might kill another one tomorrow, or maybe a sea lion or a pit pony. There's a mallard in the village where I live that has questioned my ability. It's eaten its last bit of stale bread that's for sure."