Nightmare for family as umpire comes to stay

Young Toby Harrison's unusual hobby brought a nightmare for his unsuspecting family as a friendless umpire took advantage.
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On this day in cricket, 25 July 1985

Record a big hit with right wing group

When perennial Hoggshire League strugglers Plague Moor made their first ever record they hoped it would fly to the top of the charts and bring a much needed change of fortune. The song ‘ White is the Colour ‘ was specially written for them by local songwriter Bert Bergerac , himself a cricket fan who believed the track would go a long way to promoting the game across the county , and hopefully , beyond.
The team spent a day in Hoggshire Sound Studios with musical arranger Norris Fairclough and composer Bergerac. ‘I was surprised how enthusiastic everyone was,’ remarked Fairclough.’They all wanted to be on Top of the Tops and meet the Nolans so there was some added incentive to do a good job, ‘ he chuckled.
When the single was released however it seemed like the only people buying it were not pop fans but people with a completely different motive - members of the National Front.
White is the colour became a National Front anthem at a series of marches the right wing organisation embarked on and was regularly sung at rallies and meetings all over the country. An innocent song about the colour of flannels and umpires coats had quickly taken on an altogether more sinister connotation.


Pleasure and frustration: a weekend at the Umpire Inn

The first hotel in the world to cater specifically to the needs of cricket umpires has received mixed reviews from a group of elite umpires.


Cricket official couldn’t stop freak accident

A Hoggshire League cricket official has defended his decision to leave his wife in a dangerous situation.


Rule change ends 125 years of cricket history

Hoggshire league side Plague Moor are changing a club rule that has stood for over 125 years. But not everyone is happy about it.


Veteran cricket umpire interrogated

A sixty-seven year-old cricket umpire became the focus of an intense investigation when he claimed he could milk cats.


Marriage, me, and the RSPB

He was the golden boy of Hoggshire cricket at a time when regional greats abounded. These days Boris Gripper is a recovering addict in a viewless room at Green Fountain Sanatorium.


Umpire's ordeal is "no joke"

"It was a funny old day" for Hoggshire league umpire 'Boring' Norman Makepiece. A bizarre sequence of events left him questioning his sanity ... but even worse news was to follow. However, in a PDCC exclusive, we ask: is it all a terrible misunderstanding?
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