Nightmare for family as umpire comes to stay

Young Toby Harrison's unusual hobby brought a nightmare for his unsuspecting family as a friendless umpire took advantage.
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On this day in cricket, 27 November 2008

Cricket blog set to storm the internet

Cricket fan Chris Prentice hopes that his new cricket blog ‘’ Super Cricket ‘’ will prove a big hit on the internet
The 28 year old electrical shop worker from Dudley promises to produce a ‘’ no-holds barred ‘’ blog in which all the important cricketing issues of the day are tackled with his own unique spin.
‘’My first blog entry was about Kevin Pieterson. Has he got an ego or what ? Next I’m going to write about how Australia might not be as good as they once were, what with Warne and McGrath and the other ones retiring. It’s explosive stuff.’’
Prentice is the author of two other blogs : ‘’ X Factor Confidential ‘’ and ‘’ UK Female Newsreaders Upskirts and Down Blouses ‘’


Pleasure and frustration: a weekend at the Umpire Inn

The first hotel in the world to cater specifically to the needs of cricket umpires has received mixed reviews from a group of elite umpires.


Cricket official couldn’t stop freak accident

A Hoggshire League cricket official has defended his decision to leave his wife in a dangerous situation.


Rule change ends 125 years of cricket history

Hoggshire league side Plague Moor are changing a club rule that has stood for over 125 years. But not everyone is happy about it.


Veteran cricket umpire interrogated

A sixty-seven year-old cricket umpire became the focus of an intense investigation when he claimed he could milk cats.


Marriage, me, and the RSPB

He was the golden boy of Hoggshire cricket at a time when regional greats abounded. These days Boris Gripper is a recovering addict in a viewless room at Green Fountain Sanatorium.


Umpire's ordeal is "no joke"

"It was a funny old day" for Hoggshire league umpire 'Boring' Norman Makepiece. A bizarre sequence of events left him questioning his sanity ... but even worse news was to follow. However, in a PDCC exclusive, we ask: is it all a terrible misunderstanding?
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Umpire turns down East Africa appeal
Scorer's body exhumed in missing pencil probe.
Giant spider invasion leads to fixture pile-up
Search for "vanishing" tea-lady intensifies.
Kit Kat theft linked to tealady.
Tea time bear stampede impresses Valerie Singleton
Umpire blows fortune on wishing well
Bin Laden wanted ashes scattered at Grace Road
Steward fined for saber tooth tiger hoax
Girl in cellar was ' niece', wicketkeeper tells court